India Energy Week 2023
How we helped position India as a global superpower in the energy sector at India Energy Week 2023, a prestigious event organized by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

India Pavilion for Flagship Global Energy Event, Bengaluru

Complex technology solutions and services translated into experiences that deliver clarity, simplicity, and impact.

Executive Briefing Center for a Global IT Services Company, Mumbai 

How we helped one of the world's largest B2B telecom solutions providers showcase its network security offerings through a state-of-the-art Security Briefing Center

Security Briefing Center for a Global Telecoms Company, Chennai

Fully immersive virtual walkthrough developed for a Canadian oil & gas services company

Immersive Exploratory Experience for a Petro Services Company, Calgary, Canada

One of India’s largest business houses seeking to close an important business deal asked us to deliver a standalone experience in no time flat. We did. And they turned around one of India’s most talked about deals

Experience Zone for a Private Business Event, Navi Mumbai

How we showcased the pioneering legacy of a company that maintains century-old values while in the midst of a radical digital transformation

Brand and Products Showcase for One of the World’s Leading Steel Companies, Jamshedpur

An Oil & Gas major with a century-long legacy of pioneering contributions to India. An Oil & Gas major that uses cutting-edge tech to develop a nimble market presence. One company. Hundreds of stories and nuances. We delivered these using AR, VR, 3D-printed objects and emotive storytelling

Brand Museum for an Energy Industry Pioneer, Mumbai

Robotics and Industry 4.0 solutions presented immersively in a highly customizable, personalizable manner

Executive Briefing Center for a Robotics and Automation Company, Gurugram


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