We create context. For high-stakes interactions. Through high impact high-touch experiences that combine cutting-edge tech, powerful storytelling, and carefully crafted spaces. We create contexts where aspiration meets innovation, the real blends into the rendered to create immersion, and where brands and products come alive with the power of possibility. 

About the Experience Studio

Part of the MPS family, we're a global experience design consultancy that helps the world's most storied organizations define and develop realworld and immersive experience centers for brand and product advocacy. Leveraging the complete suite of services offered by MPS, we bring our A-game to you…for you. 

We work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve significant marketing and communication outcomes using the power of experience design.  

Our People

magineu combines expertise in storytelling, technology, experience design, industrial design and fabrication to create defining brand experiences.



Boston House,
7th Floor Gundavali,
Suren Road,
Chakala, Andheri East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093

Inquiry – info@magineu.com  

Great brands. Great products.
Great stories to tell. Let’s tell them together