Designing, developing, and sustaining an experience center demands high-quality program management and rigorous execution. But more importantly, it calls for a partner that can align with your vision and help you realize it.

magineu Experience Center solutions are custom developed and integrate multiple and diverse elements of design and technology. The design for an experience center involves space and interior design, service experience design, wayfinding and visitor choreography, communication design, content and media design, XR solution design, software design, selection of digital and other hardware, lighting design, and more.

The technologies employed include XR apps, experience design and game design applications, high end AV hardware, interactive displays, high-end projection systems, like 360-degrees domes, spatially augmented 3D solutions, like projection mapping, holographic displays, asset management systems, personalization algorithms, integrated control systems, as well as physical artefacts like 3D printed objects and curated items.

The magineu difference.

Turnkey Solutions
Global Sourcing Partnerships
Diverse Projects Executed
Complex Content
Best in Class Media and Digital Content
In-house Immersive Tech Capabilities
Innovative Technology Solutions
End-to-End Program Management

At magineu, we facilitate a dynamic customer experience journey that enables brands to connect interactively with their audiences, via our unique CXC’s and multi-sensory platforms, keeping in mind the discerning customer of today’s time.

Great brands. Great products.
Great stories to tell. Let’s tell them together